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I am a writer and musician specializing in classical music, performing/visual arts, non-profits, travel, culture, health and wellness, and the socio-politic climate.


I was born and raised in Alaska and have loved exploring the great outdoors ever since. Alaska gave me the travel bug, so I headed off to earn my bachelor's in Boston and my master's in New York City. I've since lived in Miami, Raleigh and Prague, Czech Republic.


Writing is my best means of communicating with the world, hence I also adore languages: I have ESL teaching experience, extensive phonetic work, a minor in French Language & Literature, and have studied beginning Spanish, Italian, German and Czech.


I am lucky enough to make my living around the world as a freelance writer and classical opera singer, arranger/songwriter and event production contractor. 

Got a project that fits my vibe? I'd love to learn more about it! In working with me, I can ensure a timely, hyper-detailed, quick-to-learn, and amicable collaboration. I am eager to expand my portfolio to new clients, new fields and new experiences, so please reach out with your next idea!

Can't wait to hear from you. 


// copy & content writing

// proofing, editing, style & formatting

// blogging


// creative (children's books, screenplays, essays, poetry)


// articles & features (print and online)

// grant writing (narrative)


// social media


// biographies


// ad copy (radio, visual, web)

// press releases


// letters


//product descriptions